The following video samples were taken from Clark and Unju’s recent live event Positively Live!

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Why Be Positive?


In this excerpt from The Positive Professional, Clark illuminates the business benefits of adopting his proven

 Philosophy of Positivity.

Optimism vs. Pessimism


This is a shorter selection from The Positive Professional. It highlights Clark’s innovative visualization of positivity and negativity.



From PSI to Profits


Clark details how improved Social Capital can increase productivity and profits. This segment was drawn from Clark’s experience titled Positive Adversity.



The Three Paths


This is an excerpt from Unju’s exciting program, The Real Positive Businesswoman. In it, Unju speaks directly with ‘her girls’. She encourages them to recognize their unique insights and skills, which are often overlooked, and use them for business growth.



Three Paths Demonstration


A shorter selection from The Real Positive Businesswoman, this piece shows one of Unju’s hilarious out-of-your-seat activities.



Toxic Influences


Unju shows a large group of businesspeople just how easily they can be influenced without knowing it- and the effects it can have on business. This section is from Unju’s experience titled Too Pooped to be Positive.



Cycle of Human Behavior


Clark and Unju team up in this excerpt from Positive Partners. They break down a common behavior cycle that disrupts people in business and life- and keeps them from achieving true positivity.



Some of Clark's Clients and Testimonials


"The feedback from our attendees was a unanimous 'Excellent'."
- Sara Badami, Training and Technical Programs Specialist "Your potential clients can be assured that your presentations are everything you promise and more."
- Ken Ursin, Corporate Director, Patient Financial Services

"I can enthusiastically recommend M Clark Canine to any industry that is seeking professionalism, personality, and real-world applications of positivity."

- Edward Morrison Jr., President, US operations

"Every person in every business needs to hear (Clark's) message."
-Bethany Seak, Retail buyer for national chain

(Selected as All-Star Best Presenter)


"Clark was great; my favorite session of the past days. Energetic, insightful, and personal. Please have him for future IIA conferences/seminars. He was absolutely fabulous-my new favorite speaker!”

- Terry Waldrick, workshop attendee



"The speech was relevant to success in business and in life…the activities were hilarious fun…a highlight of the conference."

- Mary Bunch, VP Marketing

*In association with Flight of Ideas


"Great...Clark is equal parts Wayne Dyer and Van Halen."

- Aaron Reynolds, seminar attendee


*In association with Flight of Ideas


"Very dynamic...You hit the mark."

- Laurie Bowers, workshop attendee


“We felt very inspired and moved by the presentation.”

- Dyan Leavy, College of Education


Your enthusiastic, humorous, and professional speaking kept the entire group engaged and eager.”

- Renee Moss, Program Director

Some of Unju's Clients and Testimonials


“Your outgoing energy and humor made the evening very enjoyable. Your ability to make the general information useful on a personal level made the evening meaningful... I am confident [other groups] will receive the same high-quality service and inspiring presentation as we did”

- Karen Dettro, Program Chair


“Your motivational workshop excelled in all capacities. The topics were helpful and relevant to the group. The order of your information and your PowerPoint presentation were clear, effective, and poignant. It was also one of the most interactive and fun forums we’ve had”

- Marni Chepenik, Services Coordinator


“Uplifting and humorous…the interactive parts were a fun difference from other presenters.”

- James Price, Minister



“Thanks to you Unju, My journey to true confidence is just beginning.”

- Pheobe Wilson, Teacher

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