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Thank you for considering Clark or Unju for your next event. We understand what a challenging process it is to coordinate an event; and what will help make it a success.


To assist in your efforts, we've included some information and details that other professionals like yourself have found helpful in their event planning. If you have any questions or special requests, contact us.



  • PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS and free book                                                        -click to expand-

    • Videos seen on this site are also available in DVD format. If you need one to show to your client, please contact us.

    • We'll be happy to provide a free copy of our book, How To Be Positive: in under 100 pages, to your client so that they can feel more excited about booking us. Learn more about Clark and Unju's book here. Please contact us to make arrangements.


    • Upon request, we will ‘hold’ a date for up to 2 weeks. Afterward we would need a deposit and contract.

    • Price quotes do not include travel expenses (airfare, ground transportation to/from airport on each end, $40 per calendar day stipend).     These costs will be added to the final payable total.

    • Unless other specific arrangements are made, a 50% deposit is due upon completing (signing) the contract. Full payment (including estimated travel expenses) is due 7 days prior to the initial travel date.

    • If paying by check, please make them payable to The Counseling Group PL (Clark and Unju’s parent company).





    • Clark or Unju prefer not to speak at times when the audience is eating. If the event is at a meal, please arrange the speaking start time to account for completing the meal and removing the dishes.




    • We will arrange discount business-class air travel, if available, or full-fare coach if not. We will also arrange ground transportation to/from site. We will provide a detailed itinerary once arrangements have been made.



    • If the client is supplying rooms, please secure a smoke-free room with queen or king sized bed. Due to travel needs, please see that the hotel guarantees late arrival and late check-out services.

    • If the client is not supplying rooms, we will make the noted arrangements and include the costs in travel expenses.

    • Clark or Unju will arrive the afternoon/early evening prior to the event. Unless otherwise arranged, they will depart the same afternoon/early evening as the event.



    Clark or Unju will need:

    • A wireless lavaliere microphone and sound amplification appropriate for the venue size.

    • An LCD projector for their laptop and remote control. If the client is using a single system for multiple events, we can provide a PowerPoint file and use their remote to control the presentation.

    • A clear stage area, free of obstacles that may interfere with the presentation. The most common obstacles are a podium or LCD projector placed downstage and center. To discuss more successful staging options, please contact us.

    • Depending on the topic chosen, Clark or Unju may need a small table, 2 chairs, or a stand. These needs will be detailed in the contract.


  • MORE WAYS TO HELP (Contact Clark and Unju if you have):


    • A potential client for Clark or Unju to speak to while in the same town.

    • A potential charity event for Clark or Unju to assist while in the same town.

    • A media opportunity to support and promote the event (TV, radio, newspaper).



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